A Special Thanks To...

There are so many people I would like to thank, so many people who have had an effect on me, and have impacted my life with simply their presence. I would first off like to thank my youth pastor Bobby Brooks, for teaching me and showing me what it means to be a true follower of Christ. Along with Anna Brooks for all the love she's shown me, and of course Alyssa, for letting me be a big sister. Thank you Brooks family for standing with me through it all. 

Another huge thanks to Phil, Casey, Laurie, Emily, The Blahnik's, Marshall, Pam, Ben, Erika, Kyle, and Amelia for letting me borrow some of your joy to give to the world. I love and am so grateful for all my friends who have stood by me. Thank you Elijah for everything you have done to put my dreams into action. Thank you Holly, Taylor, Elaina, Mac, Micheal, Cara, Tori, Jake, Sean, Abbey, Amy Jane, Jamie, Kait and Sydney. I would also love to thank my teachers! For real! You have affected me so much, and I have so much respect for you and all you do. I have had some pretty great teachers over the years. 

Of course, I would like to thank my Family, though we are not perfect, we are perfect. Thank you Mom for all you have taught me. You constantly teach me and inspire me. Thank you for being my best friend and teaching me right from wrong, and thank you for letting me go and giving me the chance to fly. Thank you Dad for all you have taught me and given me. I love fishing with you and learning from you. You are the smartest man I know. Thank you to my Big brother Lou. You are truly a great guy, and a wonderful example to follow. You're a good leader and a wise man. I know it is odd, but I would like to thank everyone who I have ever crossed paths with, whether you be kind or cruel, you have made me grow into who I am, and for that I am grateful.

I REALLLLLY want to thank my fans! (even though I prefer the term "Long distance buddies!") No, but seriously. I am more grateful for you than you probably know! Thank you to anyone who has ever supported me, inspired me, donated, purchased, come to a concert, built my music carrier and has kept my dreams alive by re-tweeting, re-blogging and responding. I am so blessed and thankful. That is honestly the best thing anyone could ever do for me. I know for a fact I could not have accomplished anything without you all. So, thank you, thank you, - thank YOU so much! I LOVE YOU.

Finally, thank you God for giving me all these people, who show your love and grace, who lead me to your kingdom, and for all the blessings you have granted me with. You really work in wonderful ways.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17