Mini Musical Bio.

          Lilly Van Sickle is a 17 year old passionate singer/songwriter who has talent and tenacity. Her music is inspirational and relational, with a unique sound that's somewhere in the middle of Indy folk and Pop. She has recorded in multiple studios, including the Orangehaus music studio at Anderson university where she also studied music and music business. Lilly plays and accompanies her talent with either Acoustic guitar, piano, or her infamous "gukelele," which she creatively crafted from an older smaller guitar. Lilly wrote over a gaping 40 original songs by the time she was 15 and is continuing to write more and more tenacious and marveling songs. Lilly was born and raised in Florida. She lived and attended church in the suburbs of Oviedo which is not to far from the Orlando magic or Mickey Mouse. Her faith and friends are huge influences and supporters of her music.

           Lilly has received The Orangehaus Music Business Camp Most Outstanding songwriter award and was selected to recorded multiple songs at the world acclaimed Gathers studio, in Alexandra, Indiana. She won first place in the Hagerty H factor, and led worship for her youth group for over 5 years, where she is currently a paid employee. She has even had articles written on purely her and her music by the Fusion staff. She also enjoys playing at fundraisers for her community such as the Oviedo BBQ BASH, Christmas in the City, or The Investing In Kids campaign. Lilly Van Sickle, similar to Jennifer Knapp, Florence and the machine, and Adele, has a voice that had been said  to "be unique and powerful just as instilling as thunder" or "inspirational and goose-bump-giving." She currently has been offered to recorded at Full Sail university, where she will also be preforming a spectacular and ostentatious concert this May. Lilly Van Sickle, famous for her song "Hush" which was mixed by Grammy award winning producer Chad Evans, has a big future a head of her, and is currently working on creating and EP, Love Like You Cry, but Lilly is mainly excited to start her journey with who ever will come along for the ride, and simply listen.