The Ballad of Good & Evil Lyrics | Lilly Van Sickle

In the beginning it was dark, it was empty
And Good came about
In the beginning He said “Here, love someone like me.”
Then Good walked around
Oh, When Good walked around

Then Good meet a 'friend' who said come with him
“I can show you how to live.”
Oh, Good was turned around
She turned to her love, let him try some
And then they realized what they’d done
And Good fell down, 
Oh, When good fell down

And that’s that, evil’s won
Not so fast I’ve just begun
See, Good has a love

After He fell, out broke lose all of hell
So, good came down, 
Yes, Good came back down
Born as a son he told of love and what must be done
Good made a vow, 
Good made a vow

Upon the cross, all sin was lost
Crucified and our hearts the cost
Oh, Good forgiven now
Daddy please save me, oh don’t forsake me
And his last breath of love was angry
And Good shook the grown, 
Oh, when Good shook the grown 

Oh, in the end there’ll be truth, there’ll be justice
And Good will come back down

And all that we’ve become will just fall from everything becoming one
And Good will be safe and sound, 
Good will be safe and sound

There you go well that’s the story from good to evil
Saved by Love’s glory
Good with Love now,
Oh, Good with Love now

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