The Art of Connecting

Humanity is a vast piece of work we all can contribute and connect too. There is something beautiful about people connecting and interacting, especially when given a purpose. It's why are culture today adores their sports teams, or clubs, or even weddings. The idea that one person should live without the reminisce of connecting and contributing to the world they were given, provides no benefit for anyone, and is rather a bizarre concept to everyone.

There are plenty of way's to connect and contribute to all sorts of things! Music is just one way people around the world connect and benefit. I must say, music might possibly be my favorite, however I am still passionate about other avenues, and I intend to establish multiple links and arts that benefit the consumer and the connection. Collaboration is a cause in itself. So, let's do that. Find something you enjoy. Support it. Humanity connects us all anyway. To be people, is to have purpose.  Who knows, perhaps it is why Noah went mad when he did. It was a good contribution, but an empty world to connect it too. Thus, let us connect and be intentionally aware of those whom surround us. There is so much to unite in, lets not not miss a single moment of it.  


"The word 'human' refers to something more than the bodily form or even the rational mind. It refers also to that community of blood and experience which unites all men and women on the Earth."

- C.S. Lewis, Perelandra